Department: Didáctica

Area: Didactics of Social Sciences

Research group: El Círculo del Estrecho, Estudio Arqueológico y Arqueométrico de las Sociedades desde la Prehistoria a la Antigüedad Tardía


Áreas PAIDI: Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis El instrumental de pesca en Hispania. Origen, desarrollo y contextualización Atlántico-Mediterránea 2017. Supervised by Dr. Darío Bernal Casasola.

I was awarded a BA degree in History by the University of Cádiz (2003-2008), including an Extraordinary Graduation Prize. I was awarded an MA on Archaeological-Historical Heritage by the University of Cádiz (2009-2010). I was awarded a PhD in Maritime History and Archaeology by the University of Cádiz (2017). I am currently sitting a BA in Art History with UNED (77 credits completed). I have worked as a professional archaeologist and I have directed some rescue archaeological activities in the historic center of Cadiz (the most recent in the Building ‘El Olivillo’, in Cádiz). My research has focused on recording and studying fishing tackle in Antiquity, and has resulted in the elaboration of a corpus of reference which includes over a thousand items of fishing tackle. At present my aim is to expand my area of interest to other regions in the Iberian Peninsula and also North Africa. My doctoral thesis was a first approach to the issue of the archaeology of fishing tackle during Antiquity. This doctoral thesis (Passed with Honours and International Mention) was made possible by a pre-doctoral FPI scholarship granted by the University of Cádiz (2011-2015). I have participated in numerous research projects, both nationally and internationally (Italy and Morocco), and I have published my results in a monograph, book chapters, articles, conference proceedings and catalogue entries; I have also published several reviews. I have participated in and organised various conferences and scientific meetings as well as dissemination events, exhibits, courses, etc. I have been on research visits to a number of first-rate scientific institutions (Spanish School of History and Archaeology in Rome, University of Lisbon, University of the Algarve, Abdelmalek Essaadi University (Tétouan), Soprintendenza Archeologica Speciale per Napoli e Pompei, Istituto per i beni archeologici e monumentali). I am also member of the scientific committee of a number of scientific journals (RAMPAS and Ligustinus). My research has brought me to study various museum collections (MARQ, ARQUA, National Archaeological Museum of Lisbon, Museum of Tavira and Museum of Faro), as well as archaeological assemblages compiled in the course of archaeological research projects, both nationally and internationally (Cádiz Museum, Baelo Claudia, Museum of Naples and Museum of Tetuán). Finally, I have undertook teaching activities for the History, Geography and Philosophy Department, University of Cádiz, including lectures in history (Maritime History), archaeology (Proto-historic Archaeology of the Mediterranean) and museum studies (Museology and Museography).