On the application of advanced computing techniques for the determination of thickness and defocus from high resolution transmission electron microscopy images

  1. P.L.Galindo
  2. F.J.Pacheco
  3. S.I.Molina
  4. A.M. Sánchez
  5. R.García
  6. I.Turias
  7. E.Guerrero
  8. A. Yánez
  9. J.Pizarro
Actes de conférence:
10th International Ceramics Congress and 3rd Forum on New Materials, Florence, Italy, July 14-18, 2002

Éditorial: Techna Group

ISBN: ISBN-10: 8886538324 ISBN-13: 9788886538329

Année de publication: 2003

Pages: 165-172

Type: Communication dans un congrès