New feed system for injection of high concentrated industrial wastewaters in supercritical wateroxidation

  1. M. Belén García-Jarana 1
  2. Violeta Vadillo 1
  3. Jezabel Sánchez-Oneto 1
  4. Juan Ramón Portela 1
  5. Enrique J. Martínez de la Ossa 1
  1. 1 Department of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Cadiz, 11510 Puerto Real (Cadiz), Spain
6th European Meeting on Chemical Industry and Environment - EMChiE 2010

Editorial: Raf Dewil, Sven Liers, Ann Hulsmans, Lise Appels, Joaquim Casal

ISBN: 9789081548601

Ano de publicación: 2010

Páxinas: 841-849

Tipo: Achega congreso