Department: Ciencias de la Tierra

Research institute: Instituto de Investigación Marina (INMAR)

Area: External Geodynamics

Research group: Geociencias - Universidad de Cádiz


Áreas PAIDI: Recursos Naturales y Medio Ambiente

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Morfología y dinámica sedimentaria de litoral gaditano entre Chipiona y Rota 2002. Supervised by Dr. Francisco Javier Gracia Prieto, Dr. Francisco López Aguayo.

Giorgio Anfuso is a coastal researcher and full professor at the Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences at Cadiz University (Spain). From about 25 years is working on coastal processes at different time scales, from hours (by sediment transport and disturbance depth campaigns), days-months (by field surveys and monitoring programs) to decadal coastal evolution by means of aerial photos and satellite images analysis. He is also working on management issues, Environmental Sensitivity Maps for oil spilling, coastal scenery and litter characteristics and distribution, carrying out investigations in Spain, Italy, Morocco, Ireland, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Ecuador, among other countries. He participated in different national and international projects focused on beach morphology, evolution and response to storms impacts.