Department: Economía General

Research institute: Instituto para el Desarrollo Social Sostenible (INDESS)

Area: Sociology

Research group: Trabajo, Política y Género


Personal web:

Áreas PAIDI: Ciencias Sociales, Económicas y Jurídicas

Doctor by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide with the thesis Espacios comunitarios de intercambio, bienestar y sostenibilidad de la vida estudio de casos sobre bancos de tiempo en un contexto europeo 2013. Supervised by Dr. Francisco Sierra Caballero, Dr. Lina Gálvez Muñoz.

Lucía del Moral-Espín is a lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Relations - University of Cadiz (UCA, Area of Sociology) where she teaches Social Policy and Research Methods at. She has been visiting fellow at the University of Leeds, as well as at the Universities of Oxford, Manchester (UK) and Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy). Her research is characterized by interdisciplinarity, and her interests deal with Childhood and Feminist Studies, Well-being, and the Commons. Between 2017 and 2021 she co-coordinated the Research Network 04 ‘Sociology of Children and Childhood’ of the European Sociological Association. She is UCA-responsible person for Horizon 2020 project “Smooth Educational Spaces and Passing Through Enclosures and Inequalities. Opening community and knowledge up through educational commons" and the K02 Erasmus + Project Blended Short-cycle Training Courses on ‘Commoning Practices’. She is part of the Gender Observatory on Economics, Politics & Development (GEP&DO) and the America-Iberian Research Network TRAGEVIC - Work, Gender and Daily Life.