Department: Biología

Research institute: Instituto de Investigación Marina (INMAR)

Area: Ecology

Research group: Estructura y Dinámica de Ecosistemas Acuáticos


Áreas PAIDI: Recursos Naturales y Medio Ambiente

Doctor by the Universidad de Málaga with the thesis Estimaciones de biomasa y contenido interno de nutrientes ecofisiologia de la incorporacion de carbono y fosfato en zosfera nollu hornem 1991. Supervised by Dr. Francisco Xavier Niell Castanera.

My research began in the Dept. of Ecology of the UMA initiating a new line in ecophysiology of marine angiosperms that I still maintain. As a predoctoral fellow I made stays at NIOO-CEME (The Netherlands) and Deakin Univ. (Australia) to study photosynthetic aspects and nutrient incorporation in marine angiosperms. I defended my PhD Thesis in 1991. As a postdoctoral fellow I stayed at the Univ. of Belfast where I studied proteolytic activities in macroalgae as indicators of environmental stress. In 1990 I became an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the UCA and in 1994 I obtained the position of Full Professor of Ecology. I was part of the organizing committee of the "II Algal Photobiology Congress" (1994), which published a monograph of which I am co-editor. Between 2000 and 2005 I was responsible for the RMN-214 research group of PAIDI. I have led 3 projects of the National Plan, 2 Complementary Actions and 3 Integrated Actions. I was appointed member of the Management Committee of the COST Action (ES0906) "Seagrass Productivity: from Genes to Ecosystem Management". In 2003 I was appointed by the MICYT as a member of the LOICZ (Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal-Zone) program in the Spanish Committee on Global Change. I have been a member of several Editorial Committees (ISRN Oceanography, Oceans, Phycology and Aquaculture Journal). I have participated (since 1994) in the evaluation of ANEP, MICYT, EU, Chilean and Portuguese projects. Coordinator of the area of Natural Resources, Environment and Energy (RNM) of the Andalusian Knowledge Agency (2011-2016). Full Professor of Ecology at the University of Cadiz(since 2009). Head of the Department of Biology (between 2008 and 2011), Secretary of the Spanish Society of Phycology (SEF) (2018-2022) and President of the SEF (2022-). I have 5 five-year teaching periods, 5 autonomic sections, 5 six-year research periods and 1 six-year transfer period. In my more dissemination/transfer facet, I published the book "Flora marina del litoral gaditano: biología, ecología, usos y guía de identificación (2012), which won the "Premio Nacional a la mejor monografía en las áreas de Ciencias Experimentales y Tecnológicas" by the Unión de Editoriales Universitarias. In 2016 I coordinated the book ¿Las algas se comen? which won the award for the best book in the world in the category of Health and Nutrition Institutions in the "World Gourmand Cookbook Awards" (Yantai, 2017). This book was also distinguished with the award for the best popular science monograph at the XX National University Publishing Awards of the Association of Spanish University Publishers (UNE) in 2016. This book was recognized as the best in the world in the translation category at the "World Gourmand Cookbook Awards" (Macau, 2019). This same book has again been awarded as the best among the best ("The Best of the Best") in the translation category at the "World Gourmand Cookbook Awards" (Paris, 2021). In 2020 I won the first prize in the VII Literature and Gastronomy contest (UNED) with the recipe "Merluza a la gallega...reinterpretada" (Galician hake...reinterpreted). Since 2020 I have been participating in the UCA master's degree "Gastronomic Management and Innovation". In 2022 I obtained the prize "Bar la Casapuerta" awarded by the customers for the talk and showcooking with seaweed. I have complemented this new facet of gastronomic divulgation with numerous interventions in radio, television, press, and gastronomic congresses (Encuentro de los Mares, Sabor en Cantabria), showcookings, workshops and seminars (e.g., Hospitality Schools of Cadiz and Motril). I have advised the 3 Michelin-starred Aponiente on the cultivation of "marine rice", which has allowed Ángel León to win the National Award for Gastronomic Innovation 2021, awarded by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy.