Nuevos motivos de manos paleolíticas en la cueva de las Palomas IV de Facinas (Tarifa, Cádiz)

  1. Hipólito Collado Giraldo 1
  2. Diego Salvador Fernández-Sánchez 2
  3. José Ramos Muñoz 2
  4. Eduardo Vijande Vila 2
  5. Antonio Luque 3
  6. Salvador Domínguez-Bella 2
  7. Juan Jesús Cantillo Duarte 2
  8. Manuel Montañés Caballero 4
  9. Manuel Bea 5
  10. Jorge Angás 5
  11. José Julio García-Arranz 6
  12. José María Carrascal 7
  13. Hugo A. Mira 8
  14. Salvador Escalona Caballero
  1. 1 Junta de Extremadura

    Junta de Extremadura

    Mérida, España


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    Universidad de Cádiz

    Cádiz, España


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  5. 5 Universidad de Zaragoza

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    Zaragoza, España


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    Universidad de Extremadura

    Badajoz, España


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Almoraima: revista de estudios campogibraltareños

ISSN: 1133-5319

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 52

Pages: 131-142

Type: Article

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The Las Palomas IV cave is located in Facinas (Tarifa), in the sierra del Pedregoso, at the westernmost end of the sierra del Niño. It is situated on an outcrop next to three other rock shelters in sandstone outcrops of the Unidad del Aljibe. The cave is well known in the prehistoric bibliography of the Campo de Gibraltar. From the first studies of Breuil and Burkitt, the presence of Palaeolithic motifs has been remarked in the nearby cave of Palomas I. A recent study carried out by our research team, authorised by the Junta de Andalucía, has allowed us to document new Palaeolithic motifs in Palomas IV. We present here a preliminary analysis of new Palaeolithic hand stencils, which now join other findings recently documented in the South of the peninsula. It highlights the historical interest and gives a hypothesis as to their antiquity, in a context of great importance as is the geo-historical region of the strait of Gibraltar.